Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sociological analysis for the most danderous job Coursework

Sociological analysis for the most danderous job - Coursework Example The two leading questions which come forward are: Lack of employment forces a mankind to take-up certain jobs that govern the risk of life. In order to make maximum benefit Institutions employ people who lack awareness and can do hardships with minimum wages Order theories focus upon the integrity of society e.g. Institutions but at the same time it implicates the inequality in the society. Institutions work in co-ordination, in a methodical and synchronized manner to meet the requirements of the society. It becomes the responsibility of the management and authorities of the slaughter house to provide an amiable, hygienic atmosphere. Keeping humanity as the sole basis of social norms. Although the socioeconomic conditions sometimes becomes our fate. The theory gives the deep insight into what are the most dangerous things a man can do to keep the society in balance. The order theory provides the right to seek the better, enhanced and yet a healthier life. Through education we can make things better for ourselves and also for our wards and family. Education not only brings higher grades in the social order but it gives a new orientation, awareness and better understanding for life.

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